Which Kinds Water Pipes Need to be Cleaned Regularly?

Where there is a house, there is a water pipe. The water pipe installed in the wall has many bending positions and is easy to accumulate dirt; the flow rate is slow and the pollutants are easy to precipitate. Especially in the resting state at night, bacteria and bacteria will gradually release into the water. The longer the water in the pipe is immersed, the more bacteria and bacteria will be.

water pipe cleaning
Generally, the inner wall of the water pipe will start to corrode after five years of use, and become more and more serious with the increase of time. It’s believed that microorganisms only pile up in metal pipes, and plastic pipes do not need to be cleaned without rust. In fact, whether it’s a plastic pipe or metal pipe, there will be a lot of dirt and bacteria accumulation, which need to be cleaned
The plastic pipe is exposed to the sun for a long time. The sun can easily penetrate into the pipe wall. The inner wall is easy to grow moss because of the humid and dark environment. These mosses stick to the pipe wall and become the hotbed of microbial bacteria. And the iron pipe is easy to form a corrosive rust scale after being immersed in the water for a long time, which will cause the water pipe to break, and the heavy metal in the water will also have an impact on the body. Either way, we have to realize the necessity of cleaning the water pipe.
The impurities deposited in different pipes are different. Generally, plastic pipes contain algae, bacteria, and fungi. The watercolors cleaned by water pipe cleaning machines are light green, white turbid and green. There are rust, heavy metals and miscellaneous bacteria in the metal pipe, so the dirty watercolor is generally coffee, reddish brown and dark green.
No matter it is GI, PVC, PPR, SS or copper water pipe, it will breed fine and precipitated dirt after long-term use. The material of the water pipe couldn’t solve the bacterial pollution in the inner wall of the water pipe. The best way is to clean the water pipe regularly. Ensure that the inside of the pipe is clean and the water supply pipe can be maintained at the same time, regular maintenance can efficiently prevent blocking and bursting of the pipe due to aging.