How Does Chemical Pollutants in Drinking Water Affect Children?

Every parent is very concerned about the healthy growth of the child, especially in the special stage of physical development, which is very important for the child. We all know that children’s resistance is relatively weak compared to adults, so we should pay more attention to the impact of chemical pollutants in drinking water on children’s bodies. Today we take a look at what harm these chemical pollutants do to children’s health.

water quality for children

1. Effects of lead intake on children
Studies show that children’s absorption rate of lead is as high as 40%, which is much higher than that of adults. Where lead pollution is severe, children are more likely to develop mental retardation. Not only that, lead poisoning can also cause problems such as ADHD, inattention, and poor memory in children.
2. Effects of cadmium intake on children
As a heavy metal, cadmium is listed as a toxic substance that is harmful to human health. The intake of cadmium has a greater impact on the kidneys and bones of the human body, and may even damage the nervous system, and accumulation and accumulation in the body will produce toxicity and cause cancer.
3. Effects of manganese intake on children
Human intake of proper amount of manganese can promote human growth and normal bone formation. However, if it is excessive, it can cause chronic poisoning, which affects the central nervous system of adolescents, leading to decreased memory and IQ.
Although the one-time intake of these chemical elements in water is negligible, but the accumulation of these elements over a long period of time is very scary. They are in your body, like a time bomb, you have no idea when it will threaten your health, especially for children. Many of the harms are life-long.
Fortunately, the national drinking water standards have further controlled the content of these elements, but we still have to pay more attention when drinking. With the advancement of technology, we now have many ways to ensure water quality, such as boiling water and drinking, installing filters, or cleaning water pipes are all good methods.

Signals Your Water Pipes Needs Cleaning

When to Cleaning Your Home Water Pipes?

Let’s See Signals Your Water Pipes Needs Cleaning

1. The water heater is slow to heat, or the water comes out the water heater is sometimes hot and sometimes cold.
2. The filter at the end of the faucet is dirty
3. The rust water flows out when it is used in the morning
4. It is a few days after going on a business trip to find that the tap water turns red
5. The tap water is turbid and contains sand

If you detect one of these Signals at home, it’s most likely time to cleaning your water pipes.

How to cleaning?
Just needs cleaning your water pipes by HND New Tech Water pipe cleaning machine.


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