Five Situations Remind You to Clean the water Pipe Line

Are there any problems with your tap water?

In the morning, once the faucet is turned on, the unknown objects such as sand and bugs are found in the water,
The flow of the faucet becomes smaller, the smell in the water, found itching and redness after bathing.

As long as there is even one situation, it’s time to clean the water pipes ASAP!
You see the water flowing from the tap like this:

clean the water pipe

The actual appearance of the cleaning result from the plumbing/water pipe cleaning services company is like this:

water pipe cleaning services

It ‘s shocking that so many dirty things are hidden in the water pipe, and the culprit is the pipe that helps you transport tap water every day.

water pipe line cleaning
Doesn’t water flow in the pipes every day? Why is it still so dirty?
Water can flush away dirt, but when the water flows slowly, the dirt will deposit.
The water pipe has been eroded by heavy metals, bacteria, and impurities for a long time, and the uneven inner wall provides good conditions for the growth of bacteria.