How to Judge the floor heating situation of your house?

Floor heating has become one of the indispensable standards for northerners in winter, but many problems were also found during use. Many residents reported that the floor heating in their homes was not hot enough. It is very likely that there is too much attachment on the inner wall of the pipeline, and normal cooling can be restored in time to restore normal heat dissipation.

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After the heating water passes through the heating pipe, it will carry some deposited impurities, sludge, and rust and iron filings. The floor heating pipe has not been cleaned for a long time, and the inner wall will accumulate a large amount of scale, silt and even bacteria like the water pipe. In addition, there are many bends in the floor heating pipeline, which are prone to blockage and poor water flow, which will affect the heating effect. We recommend that people should clean the floor heating pipes every two to three years to avoid inadequate indoor heating.
How to judge whether the floor heating pipes in the home should be cleaned?
For us, the more convenient methods at home are the color identification method and the pipe temperature test method.

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Method 1: Color discrimination
Observe the color on the floor heating pipe distributor. If there is black, brown, and red rust on the inner wall, it means there are a lot of impurities that have accumulated in the pipe. The darker the pipe color is, the dirtier it is.

Method 2: Pipe temperature test
Test the temperature on the return pipe by hand. If the temperature is lower than before or the heating is uneven, it means that the floor heating pipe has a problem.
Everyone knows that once the floor heating pipe is installed, disassembly is very troublesome. Although the floor heating has a long service life, if you do not pay attention to regular maintenance and cleaning, the degree of damage to the pipeline is very large. 。
It should be noted that improper floor heating cleaning operations can cause serious consequences such as pipe bursts and component damage, so professional cleaning personnel must be used for the operation. Currently, we have filter cleaning, chemical soaking, water jet cleaning, and professional equipment cleaning. Ricun water pipe cleaning equipment adopts domestic advanced pipe cleaning technology, which largely avoids errors caused by manual operation. It is the choice of many people in the market now.

Pipe Cleaning Case Sharing

In the pipe cleaning industry, customer’s satisfaction depends on the service. Good service can improve your credibility, increase trust, and help you expand the market.
What will good service bring to customers? Let’s take a look at the real feedback from a customer, Ms. Lin:
Ms. Lin’s family has lived in an old-fashioned neighborhood for seven years, but the water pipes in the house have never been cleaned. She found after the tap water settles, there are sediments with the water, so she decided to order thwater pipe cleaning servicee water pipe cleaning service in her area.
The following is from Ms. Lin:
A few days ago I placed an order on my mobile phone. Before cleaning the water pipes, the master first checked the pipe layout of my house. After that, the equipment was connected. After the inspection work was performed, he started to clean the water pipes.
The entire cleaning process is done by himself, It was finished very well and efficiently. The operator explained to us the dangers of long-term non-cleaning of the water pipes. After the dirty water was drained, the operator closed the equipment and finished the work. He helped us to replace the damaged faucet and told us some basic maintenance methods.

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“After cleaning, I feel that the water I drink is much sweeter, and there is no sediment in the tap anymore. Cleaning the water pipe is the most correct decision I made this year.” This is the last sentence Ms. Lin said to us.

Celebrating the National Day with Our Country


Here comes the Chinese National Day 70th anniversary on October 1st, Water Manager, the leading figure of the water pipe cleaning industry, is celebrating with our country, in the way we know best – trying to bring the concept of healthy water usage to millions of families.

Water Manager remains true to our original aspiration and keeps the mission running firmly, by continuously upgrading our system and technology, to meet the increasing demands.

The satisfaction of our customers is what keeps us going forward. We take actions to show our country and the people how much we care about water usage and will continuously do so until the goal is complete.

Mid-Autumn Celebration from Water Manager- The Reliable Water Pipe Cleaning Machines Manufacturer

Here comes one of the biggest celebrations in China – Mid-Autumn festival, as a leading figure of the water pipe cleaning industry, Water Manager not only thinks about the customers’ needs but also takes care of the well-being of its employees. Dinner and games have been prepared and organized, which is going to be a fun and relaxing night.

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