No Need to Clean the Water Pipe If My House Has Been Installed the Water Purification Equipment?

Who is the culprit in the problem of water quality? Water source, water plant, aging water pipeline, water tank tower or secondary water storage device? Or the water pipe in the user’s own home.

pipe cleaning with purification equipment

There is no doubt that these are the necessary points for tap water to reach the user’s home. In which part of the water quality problem has occurred, in which part can we reduce the harm for ourselves? As ordinary people, more people have focused their attention on their own water pipes.

It has become an indisputable fact that secondary pollution will occur during the transportation of tap water. Can water pipe cleaning really relieve secondary pollution? The answer is yes. Water sources and water plants are controlled by special departments; urban public water pipes will be cleaned regularly on time; the secondary water supply process is cleaned by the community property. Only the water pipes of your home are never cleaned. From this point of view, there is a problem with the water quality at home, in fact, a large part comes from the tap water pipe that has not been cleaned for a long time.

Some people will say that the water purification device has been installed at home, and there is no need to clean the water pipe. Install water purifiers and filters, it is necessary to wash the water pipe before it will be effective, otherwise, it will only increase the loss in vain. The water in the house flows out through the tap water pipe. The tap water pipe is not cleaned, and the following links are done in vain.

Therefore, cleaning the water pipe is inevitable. Installing a water purifier, a filter, and a cleaning water pipe is not an alternative choice. Cleaning the water pipe can relieve the pressure of the water purification equipment and remove bacteria and dirt in the pipeline. It is a necessary way to solve secondary pollution.

What are the ranges of the water pipe cleaning machine?

Pipe cleaning refers to the process of removing dirt on the inner surface of the pipe by chemical or physical methods to achieve the purpose of cleaning and ensure that the inner surface of the pipe is restored to the original material. The water pipe cleaning machine follows this principle, combines a variety of advanced technologies at home and abroad, and uses the independently developed CACS spiral pulse technology to perform 360 ° scouring on the pipeline, which can effectively peel off the scale, sediment, rust moss algae, etc. All kinds of dirt.

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Does the water pipe cleaner can only clean the water pipes? Of course not, cleaning water pipes are the main function of our machine, and the market is huge. Beyond that. Our pipe cleaning machines can also be used to clean the electric heater, floor heating pipes, all kinds of condenser tubes, etc. Our latest multifunctional water pipe cleaning machine RX-3000 Pro can be used to clean the home appliances because of the steam cleaning function even.
In fact, the water pipe cleaning machine can not only be used to clean the water pipes in the home, but also can be cleaned in hot water pipes of hotels, water pipes of enterprises and institutions, and pipes of the school water purification system.

Except cleaning the water supply water pipes, where else can the water pipe cleaner be cleaned?
1.Scale cleaning for heating pipe network. Such as floor heating pipes, radiator pipe cleaning;
2.Various pipes for industrial cleaning. Such as factory refrigeration equipment pipelines, mechanical cooling pipelines, liquid transport pipelines, food factory filling liquid circulation pipes, condensation pipes, mold cooling pipes, etc.
3. The drip pipe cleaning in the orchard vegetable greenhouse can keep the drip pipe open and prevent the drip pipe from blocking the drip opening due to excessive moss and algae.

Pipe Cleaning Case Sharing

In the pipe cleaning industry, customer’s satisfaction depends on the service. Good service can improve your credibility, increase trust, and help you expand the market.
What will good service bring to customers? Let’s take a look at the real feedback from a customer, Ms. Lin:
Ms. Lin’s family has lived in an old-fashioned neighborhood for seven years, but the water pipes in the house have never been cleaned. She found after the tap water settles, there are sediments with the water, so she decided to order thwater pipe cleaning servicee water pipe cleaning service in her area.
The following is from Ms. Lin:
A few days ago I placed an order on my mobile phone. Before cleaning the water pipes, the master first checked the pipe layout of my house. After that, the equipment was connected. After the inspection work was performed, he started to clean the water pipes.
The entire cleaning process is done by himself, It was finished very well and efficiently. The operator explained to us the dangers of long-term non-cleaning of the water pipes. After the dirty water was drained, the operator closed the equipment and finished the work. He helped us to replace the damaged faucet and told us some basic maintenance methods.

pipe cleaning machine
“After cleaning, I feel that the water I drink is much sweeter, and there is no sediment in the tap anymore. Cleaning the water pipe is the most correct decision I made this year.” This is the last sentence Ms. Lin said to us.

Which Kinds Water Pipes Need to be Cleaned Regularly?

Where there is a house, there is a water pipe. The water pipe installed in the wall has many bending positions and is easy to accumulate dirt; the flow rate is slow and the pollutants are easy to precipitate. Especially in the resting state at night, bacteria and bacteria will gradually release into the water. The longer the water in the pipe is immersed, the more bacteria and bacteria will be.

water pipe cleaning
Generally, the inner wall of the water pipe will start to corrode after five years of use, and become more and more serious with the increase of time. It’s believed that microorganisms only pile up in metal pipes, and plastic pipes do not need to be cleaned without rust. In fact, whether it’s a plastic pipe or metal pipe, there will be a lot of dirt and bacteria accumulation, which need to be cleaned
The plastic pipe is exposed to the sun for a long time. The sun can easily penetrate into the pipe wall. The inner wall is easy to grow moss because of the humid and dark environment. These mosses stick to the pipe wall and become the hotbed of microbial bacteria. And the iron pipe is easy to form a corrosive rust scale after being immersed in the water for a long time, which will cause the water pipe to break, and the heavy metal in the water will also have an impact on the body. Either way, we have to realize the necessity of cleaning the water pipe.
The impurities deposited in different pipes are different. Generally, plastic pipes contain algae, bacteria, and fungi. The watercolors cleaned by water pipe cleaning machines are light green, white turbid and green. There are rust, heavy metals and miscellaneous bacteria in the metal pipe, so the dirty watercolor is generally coffee, reddish brown and dark green.
No matter it is GI, PVC, PPR, SS or copper water pipe, it will breed fine and precipitated dirt after long-term use. The material of the water pipe couldn’t solve the bacterial pollution in the inner wall of the water pipe. The best way is to clean the water pipe regularly. Ensure that the inside of the pipe is clean and the water supply pipe can be maintained at the same time, regular maintenance can efficiently prevent blocking and bursting of the pipe due to aging.

2019 Water Manager Outdoor Climbing Activities

On November 30th, the Water Manager family- the leader among water pipe cleaning machines industry in China carried out a unique outdoor mountain climbing activity. In the cheerful atmosphere, the climbing mountain activity came to a successful conclusion. Come back with us to review the exciting moments of this event!

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The activities of this event include: climbing mountain, picnic, making dumplings, roasting sweet potatoes, watching maple leaves, and soaking in natural hot springs.
Although climbing is tiring, in the process, everyone cooperated and helped each other.

water manager picnic
The main purpose of this activity is to let everyone relax and enjoy themselves in busywork. As CEO. Mr. Chen said, “I hope that everyone’s life is more than just work. They can go out and walk in their free time, get close to nature, and release work pressure.”

Hard Water Pipe Cleaner from Water Manager Received High Attention at Aquatech 2019

During the Aquatech 2019, Water Manager hard water pipe cleaner earn great attention because of its brand new pipe cleaning technology.

This year the water event, which has 250,000 square meters of displaying area, has gathered together more than 3,500 companies from 23 different countries to present their brands and products, as well as 700,000 visitors with high expectations.

The Aquatech water exhibition has certainly become one of the greatest annual feasts for companies in the water industry, which has given us, the Water Manager, a great opportunity to raise the brand awareness, moreover, to show the world how serious and determined we are to bring the concept of healthy water usage to millions of families.


Water Manager Pipe Cleaning Kit Awaits You on AQUATECH CHINA 2019


Ricun Water Manager pipe cleaning kit will attend Aquatech China 2019 in Shanghai during June 3rd-5th, 2019. To introduce the concept of healthy water usage to millions of families and make every effort for people’s health, our latest water pipe cleaning machine RX-3000 will be displayed on this fair.

We are expecting to see you there, and have this experience with you.

Pipe Cleaners for Cleaning Situation on Canton Fair

2 (1)

Water manager paid a visit to pipe cleaners for cleaning machinery exhibition of Canton fair on April 16th, for industry information gathering and future preparations of our own exhibition.

No matter from the scale of the event, the number of attended companies and visitors, or the popularity (especially for foreign countries), the Canton Fair has the absolute advantages in comparison to others trade fairs, which is why this trip has been rather educational and informative, it gives us a deeper understanding of raising awareness for the brand and products and how to do business internationally.
During the group meeting, one of our colleagues shared the experience with us from her own unique perspective, “ I am thrilled to attend this journey, the impact of the Canton Fair is unspeakably astonishing, which is something you would not experience if you weren’t actually there. “
“ I have gained a lot from this short visit: first of all, the exhibition attendance was extremely big, including many foreign visitors, which would be beneficial for future participation. Secondly, our focus of this trip was on the small-sized machinery session, the similar products were rarely seen, which can be regarded as an opportunity to expand the market to other fields, and enhance brand exposure and corporate recognition. Last but not least, the observance of booth layout, poster design, as well as products exhibition can be used as references and help us develop a better brand image for the company.”

The 8th Anniversary Activities of HND was held grandly in Xiamen on Nov. 10th, 2018.


The 8th Anniversary Activities of HND was held grandly in Xiamen on Nov. 10th, 2018.

HND water pipe tech Activities HND water pipe tech Activities 5

The activities include the Morothon, Barbecue, and games.

HND water pipe tech Activities 3


HND water pipe tech Activities .png2


HND will continue to provide the solution to residential water pipe cleaning with better pipe cleaning machines and better services, and create greater wealth and enjoyable experience, so that life will be better!