How to Tell If the Water Pipes Should Be Cleaned?

In general, even water that has been sterilized by a water plant can’t guarantee there is no water quality problems. If the problem is mild, it is difficult to observe with the naked eye, but if it is not a small problem that can be ignored, tap water will also remind us through various aspects. For tap water, we mainly observe the following aspects:

1. Water color: We can try to use a transparent glass to pick up the water, and then observe whether the water color is clear and transparent. If the color of the tap water changes, it means that it has been polluted. If the water source is polluted, if the green water flows out, there is algae bacteria on the inner wall of the water pipe; if it is yellow, it means that the iron pipe is corroded; if it is white, it may contain water. The bleaching powder exceeds the standard. If it is blue, it may be detergent contamination.

water pipe clean

2. Water flow: If the water flow in the faucet is getting smaller, then it means the water pipe is corroded or other impurities are deposited in the water pipe, such as sediment, small animal carcasses, etc., resulting in the water capacity in the water pipe becoming smaller and affecting the water flow.

3. Impurities in water: Use a cup of water and then let stand for a period of time to see if there is any sediment or floating floc at the bottom of the cup.

4. Heavy metal content: After brewing tea with tap water, the tea is allowed to stand for one night, and the color of the tea is observed every other day. If the color of the tea turns black, it means that the iron and manganese in the tap water are seriously exceeded!

If your home’s tap water meets the above conditions, then you should clean the tap water for your home.

The 8th Anniversary Activities of HND was held grandly in Xiamen on Nov. 10th, 2018.


The 8th Anniversary Activities of HND was held grandly in Xiamen on Nov. 10th, 2018.

HND water pipe tech Activities HND water pipe tech Activities 5

The activities include the Morothon, Barbecue, and games.

HND water pipe tech Activities 3


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HND will continue to provide the solution to residential water pipe cleaning with better pipe cleaning machines and better services, and create greater wealth and enjoyable experience, so that life will be better!

HND Water pipe cleaning machine-The key for start up your own business and Help you to seize The next Billion market.

HND Water pipe cleaning machine-The key for start up your own business and Help you seize The next Billion market.

1. What is HND water pipe cleaning machine?

The existing common water pipe cleaning technology in the market mostly depends on the physical high-pressure impulse cleaning of the aqueous solution (the pressure is several times or even tens of times larger than the normal water pressure), and the impurities in the pipe wall are washed and stripped, while our water header adopts a new generation of The CACS cleaning technology relies on the equipment to produce a mixture of spiral pulses of water and vapor. The cleaning pressure is equivalent to that of normal tap water, and the pressure is less than 1/3 of the pressure test during decoration.

a. Portable—Only 9kg, Easy to carry.

b. Low work pressure—Reduce the risk of water pipe bursting.

c. Efficient—Easy to cleaning the moss, rust, bacteria,etc.

d. Environmentally friendly and pollution free

e. Economic–about $2 in per water pipe cleaning


2. Why need to cleaning the water pipes at home?


As we know, Every one need a clean water, not just for drinking, but also for shower, cleaning fruits, and so on.

But after using 3-5 years, the water pipes will become clogged with debris, lime deposits, moss, rust, bacteria, impurities,etc,

If we left the water pipes unchecked, the Contaminated water pipes will many more problems. Such as:


  1. Increase the water flow, and Causing water pipe blockage
  2. Reduce the life of the water purifier
  3. Increase the pollution in the water you use



3. Who need to cleaning the water pipes?


  1. Newly built house

There are many dirt in the newly built water pipes, and the dirt can not cleaning by water flow.

  1. The age of the house is more than three years
  2. Regularly cleaning of Household tap water pipeline, floor heating pipeline and other active pipeline.


4. How big is the market?


There is 7.4 billion people in the world, and all people need a clean water.

We can say how large the market of water purifier, the market of water pipe cleaning is as big as the scale.

As far as we know it is almost a blank market in the industry of pipe cleaning. it is our opportunity to seize this market.


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