What are the ranges of the water pipe cleaning machine?

Pipe cleaning refers to the process of removing dirt on the inner surface of the pipe by chemical or physical methods to achieve the purpose of cleaning and ensure that the inner surface of the pipe is restored to the original material. The water pipe cleaning machine follows this principle, combines a variety of advanced technologies at home and abroad, and uses the independently developed CACS spiral pulse technology to perform 360 ° scouring on the pipeline, which can effectively peel off the scale, sediment, rust moss algae, etc. All kinds of dirt.

water pipe cleaning service
Does the water pipe cleaner can only clean the water pipes? Of course not, cleaning water pipes are the main function of our machine, and the market is huge. Beyond that. Our pipe cleaning machines can also be used to clean the electric heater, floor heating pipes, all kinds of condenser tubes, etc. Our latest multifunctional water pipe cleaning machine RX-3000 Pro can be used to clean the home appliances because of the steam cleaning function even.
In fact, the water pipe cleaning machine can not only be used to clean the water pipes in the home, but also can be cleaned in hot water pipes of hotels, water pipes of enterprises and institutions, and pipes of the school water purification system.

Except cleaning the water supply water pipes, where else can the water pipe cleaner be cleaned?
1.Scale cleaning for heating pipe network. Such as floor heating pipes, radiator pipe cleaning;
2.Various pipes for industrial cleaning. Such as factory refrigeration equipment pipelines, mechanical cooling pipelines, liquid transport pipelines, food factory filling liquid circulation pipes, condensation pipes, mold cooling pipes, etc.
3. The drip pipe cleaning in the orchard vegetable greenhouse can keep the drip pipe open and prevent the drip pipe from blocking the drip opening due to excessive moss and algae.