Is Food Grade Citric Acid Safe Enough During Pipe Cleaning?

Citric acid plays an important role as a good assistant during cleaning water pipes. However, in the process of cleaning the water pipe, some customers concern the security of the citric acid.

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Is the food-grade citric acid safe enough?

First, food-grade citric acid is safe as a cleaning agent. As the largest acid in organic acids, it can be seen in many places and is widely used in environmental protection, industry, and even food and medicine. As an edible additive, citric acid is weakly acidic. During the cleaning process, it only stays in the pipe temporarily, it will not damage the water pipe, and can also ensure the safety of drinking water. Therefore, as a water pipe cleaner, citric acid can be used with confidence.

Why choose citric acid as a cleaning agent?

First of all, from a safety perspective, compared with other cleaning agents such as glycolic acid, acetic acid, and other highly corrosive strong acids, food-grade citric acid is non-toxic and harmless.
Although cleaning agents like white vinegar and baking soda have a cleaning effect, they are obviously not strong enough to face the dirt in the tube. Therefore, under various effects, we chose citric acid as a good helper for cleaning the water pipe.