Professional Water Pipe Cleaner – Company Relocation

After a period of careful consideration, Water Manager, the manufacturer of water pipe cleaning equipment, had decided to move to a new working area, where more opportunities and talents are available.DJI_0392

New address: Baoyuan Building, No.99 Anling 2nd Rd., Huli District, Xiamen, China

Water Manager new office is in the downtown, which brings both the employees and the clients a joyful mood when coming to the place. Additionally, the fact that the new location is accessible from all direction, is going to help provide a better service and allow the clients to pay a visit conveniently. ( There are only 15 mins driving to the Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport)


We look forward to seeing you here, let’s create a better future together!

Water Manager, manage water, manage your health!

RX-1800: Best Hard Water Pipe Cleaner

A brand new hard water pipe cleaner: RX-1800 has recently been released, which is a combination of two of our previous products and has both their advantages. It helps you manage the water pipe cleaning services in a more effective

Compared to RX-1700, the basic version, RX-1800 is able to calculate the cleaning times, which is a helping hand for the company who does data management, you know exactly how many times the machine has been used. Moreover, the application range has been expanded to 5 floors.

The machine has also been technically upgraded, which has a less failure rate in comparison with RX-2800. The warranty period is extended to 2 years as a gesture for a more well-established service system.

Hard Water Pipe Cleaner from Water Manager Received High Attention at Aquatech 2019

During the Aquatech 2019, Water Manager hard water pipe cleaner earn great attention because of its brand new pipe cleaning technology.

This year the water event, which has 250,000 square meters of displaying area, has gathered together more than 3,500 companies from 23 different countries to present their brands and products, as well as 700,000 visitors with high expectations.

The Aquatech water exhibition has certainly become one of the greatest annual feasts for companies in the water industry, which has given us, the Water Manager, a great opportunity to raise the brand awareness, moreover, to show the world how serious and determined we are to bring the concept of healthy water usage to millions of families.