Is it necessary to clean the water pipes at home?

Is it necessary to clean the water pipes at home?

Most of the water we use must pass through the water pipes at home.
what we really should be asking is, “Is it necessary to clean the water pipes?

Have you been:

  • the water heater is slow to heat;
  • the filter at the end of the faucet is dirty;
  • the rust water flows out when it is used in the morning;
  • or it is a few days after going on a business trip to find that the tap water turns red;
  • the tap water is turbid and contains sand

Why are these phenomena happening?

The faucet at home is closed most of the time. and this will produce sediment, after using 3-5 years, the water pipe will become clogged with debris, lime deposits, moss, rust, bacteria, impurities,etc,
This situation will become serious as the usage time increases

Benefits of cleaning water pipes:

  1. Solve the problem of “red water”;
  2. Remove the smell of tap water caused by the rusted water pipe;
  3. Save the cost of replacing the water pipe and Disinfection;
  4. Solve the problem of small water volume due to scales;
  5. Extend the life of the water purifier filter

I think you’ll agree with me that the answer to the question, “Is it necessary to clean the water pipes?” is a resounding “YES!
Many people who are very concerned about healthy water. They buy filter, but they don’t cleaning the water pipes,

We need a clean water for drinking, showing, cleaning fruits and so on, but we using the water purifier in extreme conditions.Not to mention not using a water purifier.

So it makes sense that we must pay the attention to a cleaning water pipes,

Cleaning water pipes, on the other hand, we can take with us.

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