2019 Outward Training in Jiu Long

All of the staff of Ricun, the manufacturer of best water pipe cleaner, came to Jiu Long valley in Putian for a two-day outward training On April 12th and 13th, 2019. By doing all kinds of outdoor activities arranged by the coaches, which requires real-time communication and cooperation within each team, the staff has experienced what it is like to work as a team, and the positive outcomes teamwork might bring.


During the evening gathering, each team took turns to perform on the stage, a different side of the employees has been discovered and revealed in front of the whole company. Sometimes you will be surprised how many talented people are hidden around us.
After the training, many employees stated that they have gained a lot from this short trip. “The biggest challenge I encountered during this training, was the psychological transition from “me” to “us”, in other words, to think as a team member instead of as an individual. When the group were on the same page, we were able to get rid of the distracting thoughts and accomplished the goal.” Said by a colleague from the Sales Department, who was also one of the group leaders during the training.

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As for the reason why this special training was held, the company CEO Chen Jiangxin has something to say: “A great team means a group of individuals is doing the same thing to achieve the same goal. I wish the employees would get an impression with each other. We are an innovative enterprise, many young bloods (mostly born in the 90s) has not fully adapted to the working environment, a series of experimental training should give them some inspirations and a deeper understanding about teamwork, objective, cooperation, and rivalry. Meanwhile, as an employer, also as a leader, I have a responsibility to take good care of the employees, by giving them opportunities to make accomplishments.”

Water Manager tube cleaning equipments at Inter –Water China

The Journey at the 2nd Inter-Water China has come to an end, this three-day exhibition has been exciting and fabulous. A continuous stream of visitors coming to the stand not only brought attention to our brand but also reminded us of the passion we have for doing pipe cleaning business.
We believe what we are doing is going to change the concept of water consumption of the residents, bringing the healthy lifestyle to the millions of families, therefore, we are more than willing to contribute and turn our passions into words, which has helped us draw as much attention as we can get.
By listening carefully to what our clients needed to say and suggest, we are able to create even better service and products and reach a higher goal.
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Annual Physical Examination in Ricun

Ricun launched the annual physical examination on December 30, 2018 to care about the physical health of each Ricuner and help each person understand their basic health status, 
It conducted a comprehensive examination. Early prevention, early detection and early treatment of diseases ensure the health of every employee of the company.
Ricun water manager physical examination
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Super Cleaning- Start a New Era of Intelligent Operation

Through the cooperation of the R& D team and the technical team of the company, Xiamen Ricun Enviro-Tech Co., Ltd innovated and designed a brand-new type of water pipe cleaning equipment-RX-3000.

new arrival pipe cleaning machine

1 AI Super cleaning Mode
It can automatically select and switch cleaning mode from the high, middle and low-frequency impulse to achieve the maximum cleaning effect.
2 The ability of memory and calculation
Enhanced ARM processor: the main chip of the control system uses enhanced ARM processor to make the system program work efficiently, flexible. With editable function, it is more accurate in speech decoding and clear in images.
3. High precision and long life
The imported diffused silicon pressure sensor has a longer service life, more precision, and higher sensitivity. So it takes 5 minutes to detect leakage at the soonest.
4. G+G capacitive touch screen
The 7-inch high-clearance and high-brightness capacitive touch screen adopt the G + G structure, which is the same material structure as the iPhone and the iPad touch screen. The large screen displays the high penetration rate, and the high-definition display angle is highlighted. The multi-point touch is supported, and with wear-resistance and heat-resistance, water-proof and the anti-freezing features, the service life of the screen is long.

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The Latest Version of Water Pipe Cleaning Equipment RX-3000

water pipe cleaning equipment

Based on the data and feedback gathered from our customers, the latest water pipe cleaner RX-3000 has been greatly upgraded both in function and appearance.
  • Functionally Renovation 
We are continuously moving forward.
1. New Super Mode for cleaning can free you from adjusting the different cleaning frequency mode.
2. Intelligent Leak Detection with higher accuracy can help you better identify if there is a leak in the pipeline to make sure our cleaning proceeds safely.
3.“Infusing while Cleaning” is applied in pipelines without water sources like the central air conditioner and medical equipment.
  • It is not just an “eye candy”
We value the quality and sensibility for every single detail.
1.Connecting areas on the right side made by Stainless Steel 304 effectively avoid the potential damage of dripping water.
2.ABS material is widely used in order to give the machine a strong shield, which helps protect it from scratching and even collision.
3.G+G operation panel simplifies the working process.
4.LED signal light shows different working status.
5. The silicon-made handle makes it easier and more comfortable to carry.
6. Storage case on the back side is specifically designed for remote control.
7. Exhaust port on the bottom of the machine helps lengthen the life-span.
Water Manager is dedicated to bringing back clean water every family deserves to have, we care and we listen.With water manager brand new water pipe cleaning machine, cleaning water pipes in the house becomes simpler!

The 8th Anniversary Activities of HND was held grandly in Xiamen on Nov. 10th, 2018.


The 8th Anniversary Activities of HND was held grandly in Xiamen on Nov. 10th, 2018.

HND water pipe tech Activities HND water pipe tech Activities 5

The activities include the Morothon, Barbecue, and games.

HND water pipe tech Activities 3


HND water pipe tech Activities .png2


HND will continue to provide the solution to residential water pipe cleaning with better pipe cleaning machines and better services, and create greater wealth and enjoyable experience, so that life will be better!

Signals Your Water Pipes Needs Cleaning

When to Cleaning Your Home Water Pipes?

Let’s See Signals Your Water Pipes Needs Cleaning

1. The water heater is slow to heat, or the water comes out the water heater is sometimes hot and sometimes cold.
2. The filter at the end of the faucet is dirty
3. The rust water flows out when it is used in the morning
4. It is a few days after going on a business trip to find that the tap water turns red
5. The tap water is turbid and contains sand

If you detect one of these Signals at home, it’s most likely time to cleaning your water pipes.

How to cleaning?
Just needs cleaning your water pipes by HND New Tech Water pipe cleaning machine.


A HND Water pipe cleaning machine is easy to takes away water pipe sediments  like debris, lime deposits, moss, rust, bacteria,impurities, etc.



Is it necessary to clean the water pipes at home?

Is it necessary to clean the water pipes at home?

Most of the water we use must pass through the water pipes at home.
what we really should be asking is, “Is it necessary to clean the water pipes?

Have you been:

  • the water heater is slow to heat;
  • the filter at the end of the faucet is dirty;
  • the rust water flows out when it is used in the morning;
  • or it is a few days after going on a business trip to find that the tap water turns red;
  • the tap water is turbid and contains sand

Why are these phenomena happening?

The faucet at home is closed most of the time. and this will produce sediment, after using 3-5 years, the water pipe will become clogged with debris, lime deposits, moss, rust, bacteria, impurities,etc,
This situation will become serious as the usage time increases

Benefits of cleaning water pipes:

  1. Solve the problem of “red water”;
  2. Remove the smell of tap water caused by the rusted water pipe;
  3. Save the cost of replacing the water pipe and Disinfection;
  4. Solve the problem of small water volume due to scales;
  5. Extend the life of the water purifier filter

I think you’ll agree with me that the answer to the question, “Is it necessary to clean the water pipes?” is a resounding “YES!
Many people who are very concerned about healthy water. They buy filter, but they don’t cleaning the water pipes,

We need a clean water for drinking, showing, cleaning fruits and so on, but we using the water purifier in extreme conditions.Not to mention not using a water purifier.

So it makes sense that we must pay the attention to a cleaning water pipes,

Cleaning water pipes, on the other hand, we can take with us.

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