Nonprofit Pipe Cleaning Activity to the Welfare Center for Children

Water Manager hold nonprofit pipe cleaning activities from time to time.This time we concentrated on Children in Xiamen who needs help urgently, bringing clean water (by cleaning water pipe in the institutions) and daily necessities to those lovely kids.

pipe cleaning activity

“There’s no place like home”, we often heard people say that. Home is not just a resting place, it is where most of the memories were created and shared. Everyone might have his or her distinctive understanding, but “no matter what it means to you, there is surely something nostalgic about the place we call home”. Therefore, you probably can imagine what it is like for those children who live in a welfare institution. Helping children in need, bringing the feeling of “home” to them, is what this trip was about. With the lead of the representatives from the welfare center, Water Manager sent out consolation teams to 4 different places in Xiamen. By talking to and playing with the children, we could know about their living and study conditions. What those kids want is actually very simple, a textbook, a school bag or just a short trip in the city they live in, all can be easily realized if given enough attention. Heavy rain that day did not put out the enthusiasm of the staff of Water Manager or the hope and expectation of the kids. An entire day’s visit has helped us learn about the obstacles of those troubled families, we hope the time we spent together was able to give some comforts to the kids and we truly wish them growing up happily.

RX-1800: Best Hard Water Pipe Cleaner

A brand new hard water pipe cleaner: RX-1800 has recently been released, which is a combination of two of our previous products and has both their advantages. It helps you manage the water pipe cleaning services in a more effective

Compared to RX-1700, the basic version, RX-1800 is able to calculate the cleaning times, which is a helping hand for the company who does data management, you know exactly how many times the machine has been used. Moreover, the application range has been expanded to 5 floors.

The machine has also been technically upgraded, which has a less failure rate in comparison with RX-2800. The warranty period is extended to 2 years as a gesture for a more well-established service system.

Water Manager ‘s Celebration During the Dragon Boat Festival







As a leader in cleaning domestic water pipes area, Water Manager has its own way of celebrating the traditional festival in China.

The Dragon Boat Festival is a traditional Chinese festival, which occurs on the 5th day of the 5th month (lunar calendar), that is where the alternative name “Double Fifth Festival” comes from. On the solar calendar, the date of celebration varies from year to year, for example, it was June 7th this year in 2019.


The origin of the festival also varies from districts, the most recognizable version is that the festival memorialized a well-known poet and minister (Zhou Dynasty) called Qu Yuan, who committed suicide by drowning himself in the river, with his ambitions unfulfilled. The other saying is that the festival commemorated Wu Zixu, a general and politician who died from political prosecution.

It is said that the locals who endorsed Qu Yuan have tried at least to retrieve his body from the river, which is how the dragon boat race emerged. On the other hand, the locals also dropped food into the river, to protect the body being eaten by the animals living under, which is said to be the source of zongzi. These two things, the dragon boat race and zongzi, have become the symbols of the Dragon Boat Festival.


It has been a century-long tradition that Chinese people eat zongzi during the festival, this year had no exception. As you can see from the picture, every employee in the company got a bag of zongzi as a way of celebration, it also has the meaning of getting rid of the misfortune in the fifth month, which we as Chinese people believed, is when natural disasters and illness are commonly seen.

The staff in Water Manager wish you have a pleasant experience during the celebration of this festival.

2019 Outward Training in Jiu Long

All of the staff of Ricun, the manufacturer of best water pipe cleaner, came to Jiu Long valley in Putian for a two-day outward training On April 12th and 13th, 2019. By doing all kinds of outdoor activities arranged by the coaches, which requires real-time communication and cooperation within each team, the staff has experienced what it is like to work as a team, and the positive outcomes teamwork might bring.


During the evening gathering, each team took turns to perform on the stage, a different side of the employees has been discovered and revealed in front of the whole company. Sometimes you will be surprised how many talented people are hidden around us.
After the training, many employees stated that they have gained a lot from this short trip. “The biggest challenge I encountered during this training, was the psychological transition from “me” to “us”, in other words, to think as a team member instead of as an individual. When the group were on the same page, we were able to get rid of the distracting thoughts and accomplished the goal.” Said by a colleague from the Sales Department, who was also one of the group leaders during the training.

pipe cleaning machine

As for the reason why this special training was held, the company CEO Chen Jiangxin has something to say: “A great team means a group of individuals is doing the same thing to achieve the same goal. I wish the employees would get an impression with each other. We are an innovative enterprise, many young bloods (mostly born in the 90s) has not fully adapted to the working environment, a series of experimental training should give them some inspirations and a deeper understanding about teamwork, objective, cooperation, and rivalry. Meanwhile, as an employer, also as a leader, I have a responsibility to take good care of the employees, by giving them opportunities to make accomplishments.”

Annual Physical Examination in Ricun

Ricun launched the annual physical examination on December 30, 2018 to care about the physical health of each Ricuner and help each person understand their basic health status, 
It conducted a comprehensive examination. Early prevention, early detection and early treatment of diseases ensure the health of every employee of the company.
Ricun water manager physical examination
Water Manager, manager clean water, always take the best pipe cleaning machines near you.

Is it necessary to clean the water pipes at home?

Is it necessary to clean the water pipes at home?

Most of the water we use must pass through the water pipes at home.
what we really should be asking is, “Is it necessary to clean the water pipes?

Have you been:

  • the water heater is slow to heat;
  • the filter at the end of the faucet is dirty;
  • the rust water flows out when it is used in the morning;
  • or it is a few days after going on a business trip to find that the tap water turns red;
  • the tap water is turbid and contains sand

Why are these phenomena happening?

The faucet at home is closed most of the time. and this will produce sediment, after using 3-5 years, the water pipe will become clogged with debris, lime deposits, moss, rust, bacteria, impurities,etc,
This situation will become serious as the usage time increases

Benefits of cleaning water pipes:

  1. Solve the problem of “red water”;
  2. Remove the smell of tap water caused by the rusted water pipe;
  3. Save the cost of replacing the water pipe and Disinfection;
  4. Solve the problem of small water volume due to scales;
  5. Extend the life of the water purifier filter

I think you’ll agree with me that the answer to the question, “Is it necessary to clean the water pipes?” is a resounding “YES!
Many people who are very concerned about healthy water. They buy filter, but they don’t cleaning the water pipes,

We need a clean water for drinking, showing, cleaning fruits and so on, but we using the water purifier in extreme conditions.Not to mention not using a water purifier.

So it makes sense that we must pay the attention to a cleaning water pipes,

Cleaning water pipes, on the other hand, we can take with us.

See more about water pipe cleaning machine.


HND has been to the Chongqing High Tech Fair

Chongqing High-tech Fair

The 13th China Chongqing High-tech Fair were held at the Chongqing International Convention and Exhibition Center from June 21 to 24. HND appear at the exhibition with latest water pipe cleaning machines.

HND Xiamen teams

On the opening day, Deputy Director Cao of Xiamen Science and Technology Bureau and other leaders appear the fair,
They showed high enthusiasm to give the HND a great affirmation after visited the HND.


Mr. Cao recalled the past days and told us about his experience of changing block water pipes. “There is more than 2/3 of the pipes were covered with dirt” He said. it is necessary to clean the water pipe !
chongqing fair 2

chongqing fair


The atmosphere at the scene was so hot that many people lined up to sign the contract.

HND Water pipe cleaning machine-The key for start up your own business and Help you to seize The next Billion market.

HND Water pipe cleaning machine-The key for start up your own business and Help you seize The next Billion market.

1. What is HND water pipe cleaning machine?

The existing common water pipe cleaning technology in the market mostly depends on the physical high-pressure impulse cleaning of the aqueous solution (the pressure is several times or even tens of times larger than the normal water pressure), and the impurities in the pipe wall are washed and stripped, while our water header adopts a new generation of The CACS cleaning technology relies on the equipment to produce a mixture of spiral pulses of water and vapor. The cleaning pressure is equivalent to that of normal tap water, and the pressure is less than 1/3 of the pressure test during decoration.

a. Portable—Only 9kg, Easy to carry.

b. Low work pressure—Reduce the risk of water pipe bursting.

c. Efficient—Easy to cleaning the moss, rust, bacteria,etc.

d. Environmentally friendly and pollution free

e. Economic–about $2 in per water pipe cleaning


2. Why need to cleaning the water pipes at home?


As we know, Every one need a clean water, not just for drinking, but also for shower, cleaning fruits, and so on.

But after using 3-5 years, the water pipes will become clogged with debris, lime deposits, moss, rust, bacteria, impurities,etc,

If we left the water pipes unchecked, the Contaminated water pipes will many more problems. Such as:


  1. Increase the water flow, and Causing water pipe blockage
  2. Reduce the life of the water purifier
  3. Increase the pollution in the water you use



3. Who need to cleaning the water pipes?


  1. Newly built house

There are many dirt in the newly built water pipes, and the dirt can not cleaning by water flow.

  1. The age of the house is more than three years
  2. Regularly cleaning of Household tap water pipeline, floor heating pipeline and other active pipeline.


4. How big is the market?


There is 7.4 billion people in the world, and all people need a clean water.

We can say how large the market of water purifier, the market of water pipe cleaning is as big as the scale.

As far as we know it is almost a blank market in the industry of pipe cleaning. it is our opportunity to seize this market.


Just follow us!