Drinking Water Safety Becomes A Global Issue

1.1 billion people worldwide currently lack access to safe drinking water, according to a report by the United Nations Environment Programme. The problem of water pollution has become a global problem, which seriously threatens human health and development. Especially in developing countries, drinking water safety issues are more prominent.

drinking water problem

In recent years, whether in developing or developed countries, the issue of drinking water safety has repeatedly touched people’s fragile nerves. This problem has gradually become a global challenge.

In December 2007, the United Nations Environment Programme released a report that 1.1 billion people worldwide do not have access to safe drinking water, a problem that may be exacerbated by climate change and population growth. The UN even warns that if the world’s population continues to increase, by 2025, one-third of the world’s population will have to worry about obtaining safe drinking water.
Compared with developed countries, drinking water safety is a worrying issue in developing countries due to poor infrastructure. UNESCO recently released news that about 90% of sewage and 70% of industrial wastewater in developing countries are discharged into rivers without treatment, threatening drinking water safety. The World Health Organization points out that 88% of the world’s diseases should be attributed to unsafe water and lack of related sanitation facilities, and diseases caused by unclean drinking water are more common in developing countries.
The issue of drinking water safety is particularly acute in Africa. In April 2007, the African Council of Ministers of Water Resources issued a report that 40% to 60% of people in sub-Saharan Africa do not have clean drinking water, and many African countries are facing water scarcity.
The Asia-Pacific region has also made slow progress in providing safe drinking water and basic sanitation. In October 2007, the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific and other agencies issued a report stating that drinking water conditions for about 560 million people in rural Asia-Pacific have not improved and 1.5 billion people lack basic sanitation facilities.
Even in Europe and the United States, drinking water safety is a serious problem. The UN Economic Commission for Europe recently issued a communique saying that more than 100 million people in Europe still lack safe drinking water. In the area of ​​the 56 members of the Economic Commission for Europe, an average of 37 children die from diarrhea every day due to lack of safe drinking water. In 2006, about 170,000 people in the pan-Europe region became ill due to lack of safe water, of which 120,000 people had hepatitis A.
A recent survey report released by the United States media shows that drinking water in 24 major cities in the United States contains antibiotics and sedatives, and many other pharmaceutical ingredients. At least 41 million people drink this water with potential safety hazards in daily life. The survey, completed by the Associated Press, said that the safety of drinking water in the United States cannot be ignored. From California in the west to New Jersey in the east, drinking water in 24 major cities and regions in the United States is “rich” in pharmaceutical ingredients. In addition to antibiotics and sedatives, there are residual drugs such as sex hormones, anti-inflammatory drugs, analgesics and antipyretics. Investigators have even found 56 pharmaceutical ingredients in Philadelphia’s drinking water.
Water is the source of life, and freshwater resources available for human life are very limited. However, on the one hand, there is a continuous shortage of water resources, and on the other hand, the inexhaustible consumption and pollution of water resources in some areas. The drinking water safety problems caused by this have already adversely affected human health and economic development, and this problem has gradually become a number of countries. Important challenges faced.

How Does Chemical Pollutants in Drinking Water Affect Children?

Every parent is very concerned about the healthy growth of the child, especially in the special stage of physical development, which is very important for the child. We all know that children’s resistance is relatively weak compared to adults, so we should pay more attention to the impact of chemical pollutants in drinking water on children’s bodies. Today we take a look at what harm these chemical pollutants do to children’s health.

water quality for children

1. Effects of lead intake on children
Studies show that children’s absorption rate of lead is as high as 40%, which is much higher than that of adults. Where lead pollution is severe, children are more likely to develop mental retardation. Not only that, lead poisoning can also cause problems such as ADHD, inattention, and poor memory in children.
2. Effects of cadmium intake on children
As a heavy metal, cadmium is listed as a toxic substance that is harmful to human health. The intake of cadmium has a greater impact on the kidneys and bones of the human body, and may even damage the nervous system, and accumulation and accumulation in the body will produce toxicity and cause cancer.
3. Effects of manganese intake on children
Human intake of proper amount of manganese can promote human growth and normal bone formation. However, if it is excessive, it can cause chronic poisoning, which affects the central nervous system of adolescents, leading to decreased memory and IQ.
Although the one-time intake of these chemical elements in water is negligible, but the accumulation of these elements over a long period of time is very scary. They are in your body, like a time bomb, you have no idea when it will threaten your health, especially for children. Many of the harms are life-long.
Fortunately, the national drinking water standards have further controlled the content of these elements, but we still have to pay more attention when drinking. With the advancement of technology, we now have many ways to ensure water quality, such as boiling water and drinking, installing filters, or cleaning water pipes are all good methods.

What Kind of Water is Suitable for Long-term Drinking?

I often hear people ask: Is pure water and mineral water more suitable for long-term drinking than boiled water?
In fact, there is no suitable or not, see how you drink, when to drink, how much to drink.

Because no matter which kind of water is used, their ultimate goal is to replenish the body with water and ensure daily supply and demand. Drinking more water can bring a lot of benefits to the body, but you can’t just rely on drinking water to bring other supplies to the body. After all, the main function of drinking water is to replenish water.

Although the water on the market is labeled with calcium and contains minerals, it is only minimal. If you think about how much water you have to fight for, you can take a bit of calcium. It is better to eat a dairy or soy product.

drinking water

Three points to pay attention to when drinking water

1.Recommended time to drink water

In addition to drinking water daily, drinking water at the right time can promote absorption better. Drinking the first cup of water after getting up can promote blood circulation; drinking water half an hour after meals to help digestion; and drinking a small amount of water before going to bed to supplement the water needed at night

2.Water quantity guarantee
Experts recommend that adults need to add 8 cups of water a day. If there is moderate exercise, increase the amount of water. Don’t wait until you are thirsty, you have to take the initiative to replenish the water, which is good for your body’s metabolism.

3.Water quality guarantee
Whether it is pure water, mineral water or boiled water, as long as the water source, water quality is guaranteed, healthy drinking, how do you want to drink, sit and drink, lie down, drink and stand… the effect is not bad, just the former Give others the quality, and the quality of the boiled water is your own.

At this time, the water quality of your home tap water is especially important. Whether it is a faucet, a water purifier filter or a bottled water, it must be fixed and replaced, especially the household water pipe that transports tap water, which is easy to hide. Nichimura has been focusing on water pipe cleaning projects. The proposal for home residents is that a regular cleaning in 1-2 years can keep the pipe clean, ensure water quality, and extend the life of household water pipes.

How to Tell If the Water Pipes Should Be Cleaned?

In general, even water that has been sterilized by a water plant can’t guarantee there is no water quality problems. If the problem is mild, it is difficult to observe with the naked eye, but if it is not a small problem that can be ignored, tap water will also remind us through various aspects. For tap water, we mainly observe the following aspects:

1. Water color: We can try to use a transparent glass to pick up the water, and then observe whether the water color is clear and transparent. If the color of the tap water changes, it means that it has been polluted. If the water source is polluted, if the green water flows out, there is algae bacteria on the inner wall of the water pipe; if it is yellow, it means that the iron pipe is corroded; if it is white, it may contain water. The bleaching powder exceeds the standard. If it is blue, it may be detergent contamination.

water pipe clean

2. Water flow: If the water flow in the faucet is getting smaller, then it means the water pipe is corroded or other impurities are deposited in the water pipe, such as sediment, small animal carcasses, etc., resulting in the water capacity in the water pipe becoming smaller and affecting the water flow.

3. Impurities in water: Use a cup of water and then let stand for a period of time to see if there is any sediment or floating floc at the bottom of the cup.

4. Heavy metal content: After brewing tea with tap water, the tea is allowed to stand for one night, and the color of the tea is observed every other day. If the color of the tea turns black, it means that the iron and manganese in the tap water are seriously exceeded!

If your home’s tap water meets the above conditions, then you should clean the tap water for your home.

Rumors About Water

Is weak alkaline water good for the body? Drinking pure water for a long time will become acidic? Do people have to drink eight glasses of water a day? I don’t know if you have heard of these words? In order to verify that these rumor experts have specifically answered for us, go check it out now!

water cleaning

1. Weak alkaline water is good for health
Rumor: Weak alkaline water is the most suitable healthy water for human body needs. It has the function of nutrition and health care, not only can promote human development, but also prevent some chronic diseases.

Reality: The national standard for drinking water pH is based on pipeline transportation and has nothing to do with health. Zhao Feihong, head of the Healthy Drinking Water Professional Committee of the Beijing Conservation Health Association, said there is no evidence that the pH of the water is related to health. The pH value in China’s drinking water indicators is mainly to prevent metal pipes from being corroded by liquids with lower pH.

2. Long-term drinking of pure water will form an acidic body

Rumor: Drinking pure water for a long time will destroy the normal acid-base balance of the human body and cause acidification of the human body. The function of various organs and functional tissues of the body cells will be weakened, thus causing certain damage to the human body.

Reality: Yan Guangfeng, director of the China Food Science and Technology Alliance and director of the Science and Technology Department of Kexin Food and Nutrition Information Exchange Center, said that the Food and Drug Administration, the China Food Science and Technology Society, the Chinese Nutrition Society and the Kexin Food and Nutrition Information Exchange Center confirmed that “pure drinking” Water will form an acidic body” is a rumor.

In fact, the three regulatory systems in the human body can perform acid-base balance, which is kidney, respiration and body fluids. Therefore, compared with the three major acid-base regulating systems of the human body, the acidity of pure water intake is very low and does not affect.

3. People must drink eight glasses of water a day

Rumor: Water is the source of life. You must drink eight glasses of water a day to meet the normal water requirements of the human body.

Reality: Li Yuehong, director of the Department of Nephrology, Beijing Tsinghua Chang Gung Memorial Hospital affiliated to Tsinghua University, said that the concept of “eight cups of water a day must be emphasized”. It is inaccurate to measure the daily drinking water of the human body with eight glasses of water. In addition to drinking water, the fruits and vegetables consumed by the three meals can also provide the required water for the human body. In addition, drinking water has a close relationship with people’s age, physical fitness, activity status and climate. From the perspective of Chinese medicine, people with spleen and stomach deficiency will drink more water and stomach pain, and people with kidney yang will drink water to go to the toilet. People with particularly strong blood will drink edema when they drink some water. These people are not suitable for a large amount of drinking water. ”

RX-3000 Plus - with a High-temperature Steam Feature

RX-3000 plus

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The professional version is still in the process of improvement and optimization. It is believed that it will come soon!

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