No Need to Clean the Water Pipe If My House Has Been Installed the Water Purification Equipment?

Who is the culprit in the problem of water quality? Water source, water plant, aging water pipeline, water tank tower or secondary water storage device? Or the water pipe in the user’s own home.

pipe cleaning with purification equipment

There is no doubt that these are the necessary points for tap water to reach the user’s home. In which part of the water quality problem has occurred, in which part can we reduce the harm for ourselves? As ordinary people, more people have focused their attention on their own water pipes.

It has become an indisputable fact that secondary pollution will occur during the transportation of tap water. Can water pipe cleaning really relieve secondary pollution? The answer is yes. Water sources and water plants are controlled by special departments; urban public water pipes will be cleaned regularly on time; the secondary water supply process is cleaned by the community property. Only the water pipes of your home are never cleaned. From this point of view, there is a problem with the water quality at home, in fact, a large part comes from the tap water pipe that has not been cleaned for a long time.

Some people will say that the water purification device has been installed at home, and there is no need to clean the water pipe. Install water purifiers and filters, it is necessary to wash the water pipe before it will be effective, otherwise, it will only increase the loss in vain. The water in the house flows out through the tap water pipe. The tap water pipe is not cleaned, and the following links are done in vain.

Therefore, cleaning the water pipe is inevitable. Installing a water purifier, a filter, and a cleaning water pipe is not an alternative choice. Cleaning the water pipe can relieve the pressure of the water purification equipment and remove bacteria and dirt in the pipeline. It is a necessary way to solve secondary pollution.

Five Situations Remind You to Clean the water Pipe Line

Are there any problems with your tap water?

In the morning, once the faucet is turned on, the unknown objects such as sand and bugs are found in the water,
The flow of the faucet becomes smaller, the smell in the water, found itching and redness after bathing.

As long as there is even one situation, it’s time to clean the water pipes ASAP!
You see the water flowing from the tap like this:

clean the water pipe

The actual appearance of the cleaning result from the plumbing/water pipe cleaning services company is like this:

water pipe cleaning services

It ‘s shocking that so many dirty things are hidden in the water pipe, and the culprit is the pipe that helps you transport tap water every day.

water pipe line cleaning
Doesn’t water flow in the pipes every day? Why is it still so dirty?
Water can flush away dirt, but when the water flows slowly, the dirt will deposit.
The water pipe has been eroded by heavy metals, bacteria, and impurities for a long time, and the uneven inner wall provides good conditions for the growth of bacteria.

Is Food Grade Citric Acid Safe Enough During Pipe Cleaning?

Citric acid plays an important role as a good assistant during cleaning water pipes. However, in the process of cleaning the water pipe, some customers concern the security of the citric acid.

pipe cleaning chemical

Is the food-grade citric acid safe enough?

First, food-grade citric acid is safe as a cleaning agent. As the largest acid in organic acids, it can be seen in many places and is widely used in environmental protection, industry, and even food and medicine. As an edible additive, citric acid is weakly acidic. During the cleaning process, it only stays in the pipe temporarily, it will not damage the water pipe, and can also ensure the safety of drinking water. Therefore, as a water pipe cleaner, citric acid can be used with confidence.

Why choose citric acid as a cleaning agent?

First of all, from a safety perspective, compared with other cleaning agents such as glycolic acid, acetic acid, and other highly corrosive strong acids, food-grade citric acid is non-toxic and harmless.
Although cleaning agents like white vinegar and baking soda have a cleaning effect, they are obviously not strong enough to face the dirt in the tube. Therefore, under various effects, we chose citric acid as a good helper for cleaning the water pipe.

Will Your Pipe Cleaning Machines damage the Old Water Pipes?

Our machine doesn’t clean the water pipe through high pressure, but the high-frequency spiral pulse and the output pressure of our pipe cleaning machine is only about 2.5kg/cm 2, the max pressure is 5kg/cm 2. so there is no pipe burst risk at all.

pipe cleaning machine

Besides, during the cleaning procedure, you can set the input pressure alarm value according to the situation of the house or building, if the house pipes are old, you can set it at 3-4 kg/cm2 or even a lower value to avoid extra problems.