Rumors About Water

Is weak alkaline water good for the body? Drinking pure water for a long time will become acidic? Do people have to drink eight glasses of water a day? I don’t know if you have heard of these words? In order to verify that these rumor experts have specifically answered for us, go check it out now!

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1. Weak alkaline water is good for health
Rumor: Weak alkaline water is the most suitable healthy water for human body needs. It has the function of nutrition and health care, not only can promote human development, but also prevent some chronic diseases.

Reality: The national standard for drinking water pH is based on pipeline transportation and has nothing to do with health. Zhao Feihong, head of the Healthy Drinking Water Professional Committee of the Beijing Conservation Health Association, said there is no evidence that the pH of the water is related to health. The pH value in China’s drinking water indicators is mainly to prevent metal pipes from being corroded by liquids with lower pH.

2. Long-term drinking of pure water will form an acidic body

Rumor: Drinking pure water for a long time will destroy the normal acid-base balance of the human body and cause acidification of the human body. The function of various organs and functional tissues of the body cells will be weakened, thus causing certain damage to the human body.

Reality: Yan Guangfeng, director of the China Food Science and Technology Alliance and director of the Science and Technology Department of Kexin Food and Nutrition Information Exchange Center, said that the Food and Drug Administration, the China Food Science and Technology Society, the Chinese Nutrition Society and the Kexin Food and Nutrition Information Exchange Center confirmed that “pure drinking” Water will form an acidic body” is a rumor.

In fact, the three regulatory systems in the human body can perform acid-base balance, which is kidney, respiration and body fluids. Therefore, compared with the three major acid-base regulating systems of the human body, the acidity of pure water intake is very low and does not affect.

3. People must drink eight glasses of water a day

Rumor: Water is the source of life. You must drink eight glasses of water a day to meet the normal water requirements of the human body.

Reality: Li Yuehong, director of the Department of Nephrology, Beijing Tsinghua Chang Gung Memorial Hospital affiliated to Tsinghua University, said that the concept of “eight cups of water a day must be emphasized”. It is inaccurate to measure the daily drinking water of the human body with eight glasses of water. In addition to drinking water, the fruits and vegetables consumed by the three meals can also provide the required water for the human body. In addition, drinking water has a close relationship with people’s age, physical fitness, activity status and climate. From the perspective of Chinese medicine, people with spleen and stomach deficiency will drink more water and stomach pain, and people with kidney yang will drink water to go to the toilet. People with particularly strong blood will drink edema when they drink some water. These people are not suitable for a large amount of drinking water. ”

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