RX-3000 Plus - with a High-temperature Steam Feature

RX-3000 plus

To serve our customers’ best interests, offering them more options to choose from, Water Manager never stops upgrading and optimizing water pipe cleaning equipment.


Based on the feedback collected from our previous cases, a new feature – cleaning time calculation, has been added to the basic version RX-1700, which leads to the birth of RX-1800. The new feature has proven to be a helping hand for data management.


Since the advanced version RX-3000 was released, the customers experienced a more convenient and effective way of doing the cleaning work: Super-mode feature allows the clients to use the machine away from the hustle, with automatically set frequencies; brand-new appearance has helped build a professional image for the service provider. Furthermore, it also directly shows how much we value the details and product quality.


RX-3000 will have its turn for a feature update in the future: two main features in one machine, which is allowed to function separately, will provide more business opportunities for customers in different needs.


The under-developing feature, high-temperature steam cleaning, can thoroughly clean out the dirt attached to all kinds of household appliances, such as washing machine, air conditioning, and refrigerator. With the help of the instruction and supports from our technical team, the appliances can achieve functioning properly and freshly again, just like what the pipeline cleaning has brought to us.


The professional version is still in the process of improvement and optimization. It is believed that it will come soon!

Professional Water Pipe Cleaner – Company Relocation

After a period of careful consideration, Water Manager, the manufacturer of water pipe cleaning equipment, had decided to move to a new working area, where more opportunities and talents are available.DJI_0392

New address: Baoyuan Building, No.99 Anling 2nd Rd., Huli District, Xiamen, China

Water Manager new office is in the downtown, which brings both the employees and the clients a joyful mood when coming to the place. Additionally, the fact that the new location is accessible from all direction, is going to help provide a better service and allow the clients to pay a visit conveniently. ( There are only 15 mins driving to the Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport)


We look forward to seeing you here, let’s create a better future together!

Water Manager, manage water, manage your health!