HND has been to the Chongqing High Tech Fair

Chongqing High-tech Fair

The 13th China Chongqing High-tech Fair were held at the Chongqing International Convention and Exhibition Center from June 21 to 24. HND appear at the exhibition with latest water pipe cleaning machines.

HND Xiamen teams

On the opening day, Deputy Director Cao of Xiamen Science and Technology Bureau and other leaders appear the fair,
They showed high enthusiasm to give the HND a great affirmation after visited the HND.


Mr. Cao recalled the past days and told us about his experience of changing block water pipes. “There is more than 2/3 of the pipes were covered with dirt” He said. it is necessary to clean the water pipe !
chongqing fair 2

chongqing fair


The atmosphere at the scene was so hot that many people lined up to sign the contract.

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