Why Choose Us

Why choose Water Manager Pipe Cleaning Machines?

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Ricun Water Manager has been in the water pipe line cleaning industry for over 9 years and we have our own factory for the production of domestic and commercial pipe cleaners;   


CACS cleaning technology is a patented and advanced water pipe cleaning technology which independently developed by Ricun, combined with spiral pulse technology. The equipment generates water vapor mixed with spiral pulse wave and spirally flushes the pipe.

 The whole process is safe, efficient, and environmentally friendly.

And the residential water pipe cleaning equipment is suitable for different materials pipe such as PPR, PP, Copper,stainless steel, copper, galvanized pipe etc.


Water Manager always takes "the quality priority" as one of the most important principles during our development.

All of the connectors of our pipe cleaning products are stainless steel 304#. Some of our parts of machines are German-made and much more durable.

Furthermore, we have more than 20 patents and got the certificates includes ISO9001:2015, CE and Rohs, and all of our products meet the CSA and FCC standard from North America.


We provide 2 years warranty for all of the water manager pipe cleaners and six months warranty for accessories. If the equipment doesn't work, Please send it back for warranty at the cost of postage.  Please refer to our warranty policy for details.

Advertisement Support

We can help you with the design of your business card, posters, leaflets, as well as your branding video TV broadcast and promotional video for your marketing advertisement;

Technical support

We provide support for technical guidance. If you are not familiar with the operation of the equipment, you can ask the customer to take pictures of the installation and layout of the water pipes in advance, we will help with informing you the problems that may be encountered. Our english speaking technical staff will provide telephone or video support online.

Local Support

The headquarter of Ricun Water Manager is in Xia'men, China.

Besides, we have 4 branches( Wuhan, Hefei, Fuzhou, Quanzhou) in China and one overseas agent in Malaysia.