About Us

Xiamen Ricun Enviro-tech Co., Ltd specialized in the water pipe cleaning technology and pipe cleaning machines production. in 2017, we won the title of High-tech Enterprise in Xiamen City. Our stock code is: 860690.  Our company’s water pipe cleaning service platform “water pipe tech” focus on the household water pipe cleaning technology research and development,  water pipe cleaning equipment and service. Water Pipe Tech has an operational team and technical R&D team with extensive market experience, in the past years, we are committing to create a healthy water consumption for millions of families.

Ricun Water Manager

The equipment has obtained more than ten technical patents and has a broad application prospect, laying a good foundation for the development of the water pipe cleaning service industry.

Since the house was built, the household water pipe can’t be changed over the decades. And after the pipes become very dirty after using 3-5 years, and  the water pipes will become clogged with debris,  moss, algae bacterial, lime deposits, rust, heavy metal, sediments or even roots growing into the pipes, Xiamen HND Technology Co., Ltd had researched and developed the technology of water pipe cleaning for 8 years,  we use the CACS technology and high-frequency pulse cleaning method, only adding the food grade citric acid to cleaning the water pipe healthily, safely and without any pollution. We already got the CE Certificate that required in Eu,and own more than 20 intellectual property. In the tens of thousands of water pipe cleaning service, we perfect our patent device, and develop new equipment every year to better serve millions of families!

WHO experts warned that the use of water pipes for many years will not only generate rust but also impede the flow of water. The inside of the pipe wall will be filled with dirt and will accumulate other bacterium index, algae, moss, sediments, rust, and other heavy metals. The water is absorbed by the body bit by bit, and accumulating for a long time will surely cause various diseases...

The existing common water pipe cleaning technology in the market mostly depends on the physical high-pressure impulse cleaning of the aqueous solution (the pressure is several times or even tens of times larger than the normal water pressure), and the impurities in the pipe wall are washed and stripped, while our water header adopts a new generation of The CACS cleaning technology relies on the equipment to produce a mixture of spiral pulses of water and vapor. The cleaning pressure is equivalent to that of normal tap water, and the pressure is less than 1/3 of the pressure test during decoration.

After the water pipes are used many years,  there are the accumulation of sediments in the pipes, which lead to the water pressure inside the pipes is reduced in the high-rise building, which results in insufficient water supply, small water flow, and even blocked water pipes. The cleaning of household water pipes can solve this problem. Regularly clean the water pipes, clean the dirt in the pipes, and disinfect the various mold bacteria to ensure the safety of family water and ensure the health of the family.